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Initial revision by user avatar Bob says reinstate Monica · 2019-12-08T07:32:15Z (7 months ago)
> I recently saw a contest for writing flash fiction - the contest rules were that it had to be under 100 words long. I thought "Hey, that's cool! I'll give it a shot."
> So I sat down, and tried to start writing something. Emphasis on tried - nothing would come that would work as a super short story. Everything that I started to write seemed like the beginning of an epic fantasy novel (because to be honest, I read a lot of that).

I make that 83 words, but I might have counted the em dashes. Not the most exciting story in the world, but it had my attention. You could do with more of a punchline and/or twist at the end, but you've got another 17 words left for that, or maybe even 19. How about:

> I entered the competition anyway and unexpectedly won, but then a dragon flew down and bit my head off.

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