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Antagonist motivation help

last activity 6 months ago by System

Initial revision by user avatar Fikko3107 · 2019-12-08T03:06:15Z (6 months ago)
My suggestion is to make the "antagonist" as a scientist of sort, if the shoe fits. Perhaps he's on the verge of a nuclear-related breakthrough that led him to be careless, triggering the events. Or, if he's working for a bigger antagonist, perhaps it's simply something that he is asked to do, which he may or many not like, in exchange for funding of a useful project. Either way, as [this]( (Warning! TVTropes!) Article shows, anything is morally justifiable for certain individuals if it's for the sake of science.

Honestly, I had actually also got a vague, very rough idea for a nuclear survival story, but the only good idea I had gotten is one of the main characters (or rather, **THE** Main Character himself.) has a terminal illness, caused by being in close proximity during the explosion, that would cause him to die in a short duration. I thought it was a good tension builder. But I can't find a scientifically plausible reason as to why he could survive a head-on nuclear explosion, which is why I scrapped the idea.

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