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How to ask for permission to use readers' endorsements?


I have a blog with long, analytic articles. Because of their nature, they don't really attract much clicks. However, once people distill it thoroughly, many of them express that the articles are interesting and bring fresh perspectives. This includes some opinion leaders in their fields. Some of them even want to have a drink with me in appropriate times.

How should I approach them to ask for public endorsements? This can be either I use their words and images in my blog, or they share it in their own networks.

Some considerations:

  • There are many level of "interestedness"; if I interpret it in a higher level they may find that I'm "delusional" (that's a strong word, but I can't find a better one)
  • Praising on one article may not warrant a praise for a whole blog
  • We don't have much interactions before → may not trust on what I'm going to do with that
  • They may disagrees with some other articles, though probably they haven't read them
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Write to them an ask. If they have reservations or wish to place limits on their endorsement, they will say so. Write because you want their reply in writing, should a dispute ever arise.


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