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Welcome to Writing on Codidact!


Welcome to a new home for the Writing community. Please use it, report problems and make requests on Meta, and collect your thoughts about what we need to support our community.

This site is running on beta software that will eventually become Codidact. We started with a Q&A platform that already existed, and over the coming weeks, we will be evolving this software toward the feature set we've identified for the first official release of Codidact. This means some things will change (mostly things will be added), but the core -- a community built around questions and answers -- will not change. You can read more about the vision for the platform and the features for the first release.

All questions and answers from SE have been imported. Votes have not; this site is a clean start, and anyway, we don't know who voted so we can't tell you whether you've already voted on something. You can claim ownership for your imported content: log in to SE, go to your profile page on this site (link in the header), click on "edit profile", and go down to the bottom where you'll see an import button. Results might take some time; lots of stuff is going on in the background.

There is a reputation system here for now, but there are no some rep-based privileges yet (see Art's answer). It's kind of like a private beta at SE; everybody can do most things, so be careful. I believe deletion requires only one vote and I don't know what auditing is available. We don't have many moderation tools yet, but we do have flags. Be nice and be careful please. If you run into problems or have questions, post here on meta.

Welcome aboard! We have a great community; let's build a great site together.

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Good to see this going on! Neil 6 months ago

Welcome @Neil! (I don't know if we have comment pings yet.) Monica Cellio 6 months ago

Okay, I'm here. Cyn 6 months ago

I'm in. This place looks amazing. Thomas Myron 6 months ago

Count me in as well. It's good to see you all again. F1Krazy 6 months ago

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So: a little bit of background, and a little bit of information about the site.


QPixel is a project I started a few years ago to be a clone of SE. It got to a decent stage, and then I mostly abandoned it as I moved onto other things. With the recent events on Stack Exchange and the advent of Codidact, I remembered QPixel existed, and spent some time bringing it up to date and up to scratch with enough features to be viable.

As Monica said, QPixel is not Codidact. QPixel is still based on the idea of being a clone of SE; Codidact intends to be "community focused Q&A", which is likely to mean some feature and philosophy changes along the way, and being fundamentally based around a different idea will introduce some differences. Whether it'll be better or worse... who knows - it's mostly irrelevant, in any case, as the question should be more "what works best for our use case?"

Content Import & Claiming Your Stuff

I've imported everything that was in the Writers database as of the 2nd December 2019 (that's when Stack Exchange last released a data dump). I have imported the scores, but haven't applied them to the post - you can see the score each post had on SE by following the "history" link under each post, and the score will be under an "Imported from external source" event.

You can, as Monica alluded to, claim the stuff you created on SE here too. Get yourself signed up here, then edit your profile, and you'll find the buttons for it down the bottom of the page. When you claim your content, all of your content is claimed - your profile will only show up to 5 questions and 5 answers, but you do own all of it. Showing more than that is on the TODO list for version 1.1 - more on that in a moment.

Moderation & Moderators

The moderation tools available here are limited, but there are some essentials in place. You can flag posts: you'll be asked to specify a reason why you're flagging, and it'll get put into a queue for moderators to look at - it's much like a "needs moderator attention" flag on SE.

Moderators, as with SE, are able to take just about any action here regardless of reputation: primarily, they can close questions and delete posts. It's completely up to y'all how you want to use that; I'm not intending to stand in the way of making this work for you.

As of 2020-01-16, the moderators are currently myself and the current and former moderation staff from Stack Exchange. Beyond that, how you pick your moderators is up to you.


A limited number of rep-based privileges exist here. They are Edit, Close, and Delete/ViewDeleted; the reputation required for them is currently 250, 500, and 1000 respectively. Those thresholds are configurable: as with the rest, it's up to you where they're set, and you may want to change them as folks get more reputation.


If you've got feedback, you can post here on Meta. If you're more comfortable with GitHub, you can also leave bug reports and feature requests in the issue tracker. You can see the version of the software that's currently running in the site footer.

There's some things that still need doing, and a bunch that have now been done and added in. I have a TODO list, but it keeps changing as things get added or completed, so I won't post it here too - you can see the full thing over here.

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This is just to let you know I'm here now. aCVn 6 months ago

@ArtOfCode So I have some suggestions, just for some optimizations and the like. No bugs. I'm not familiar with GitHub, so did you want me to report them here, in one separate thread, in multiple threads...? Thomas Myron 6 months ago

@ThomasMyron However makes sense. I'm keeping an eye on meta here, so if you're wanting to report things here that's fine - if they're similar issues it probably makes sense to use one post, otherwise it can be split. ArtOfCode 6 months ago

@Art are your inbox notifications overly sticky too, or is it just me? (The notification for Thomas's comment on the question here isn't going away for me. Don't know if it's something on my end or not.) Monica Cellio 6 months ago

@MonicaCellio shouldn't be - if you open the notifications dropdown then click away from it, it should all get dismissed ArtOfCode 6 months ago

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I'm here -- apparently none of my rep came with me, although I claimed my questions?

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Welcome! Your posts came through, but we have no way to copy votes so all scores reset to zero. (Otherwise you'd have no way to know whether you'd already voted on something and might end up double-voting.) I suggest browsing posts "connected" to yours (like answers to your questions, other answers on questions you answered, etc) and your favorite tags and voting on things that merit it. Monica Cellio 4 months ago

See also the "lottery" tab, which provides a random sample of older questions (I think it's a daily refresh). Monica Cellio 4 months ago


This answer is a test. So far I found I can upvote, but cannot post comments. Testing if I can post answers.

Edit: test successful. Can post. Issue remains: can't post comments. Tested on Chrome and Firefox. Clicking on "post" does nothing.

Also can't change my avatar. System lets me choose picture from my computer, but then nothing happens.

But with all those kinks, still very happy to be here!

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Re avatars: you need to hit save after choosing your avatar. As for comments - what shows up in your browser console (F12) when you hit Post? ArtOfCode 6 months ago

On the avatar, did you save the profile after? You have to both choose the file (using those buttons) and then use the "save" button at the bottom for the profile edit. Monica Cellio 6 months ago

@ArtOfCode Nothing shows up in my console. But I seem to be able to post comments now. Weird. Galastel 6 months ago

Weird indeed. Let me know if it starts breaking again. ArtOfCode 6 months ago

Apparently the issue solved itself all on its own. Also tested commenting on posts that aren't mine - works. Maybe something with the first few minutes after the account is created? Galastel 6 months ago

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