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meta Suggestion - Tag section and suggestions


Feature Request/Suggestion: Tags

Tags exist right now, ported over from SE, but we don't have any structure for new questions. I'd like to see tag suggestions, like we have on SE, where you start to type and matching tags pop up. It doesn't need to be fancy, but that will keep us in the same tag categories once new questions start flowing in. Otherwise we could get a lot of different tags which all refer to the same thing.

With that, I'd like to see a tag section, like we have on SE, where we can see all of the tags. We can get into descriptions and stuff later, but it's helpful when writing a question to browse the tags and look for the relevant categories.

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Added to the TODO list.

2019-12-19: Done and deployed.

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Also the tags don't seem to be associated with the imported posts. See this user's first question for example. luap42 4 months ago