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meta Suggestion - clearly mark Meta questions in the Hot Questions box


In the hot questions, it is not clear what are actual questions and what are Meta questions (well, if the title starts with Suggestion, it probably is meta). It would be nice if Meta questions would be marked as such, either by a "Meta" prefix similar to the page title, or by grouping Meta questions into their own section.

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Added to the TODO list.

Would it be better to mark these questions as being meta questions, or to exclude them from the list altogether?

[email protected]:31: This has now been completed thanks to @luap42. This will go live with the next deploy.

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Thank you. I think there's value in having them; it should just be clear that they are Meta. celtschk 4 months ago

Seconded. I want to see them, but a note that they are meta would be good. Thomas Myron 4 months ago

Yes, meta questions should appear (we want people to notice and come to meta), but labeled. Monica Cellio 4 months ago