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meta Bug - Unable to Import Content


I'm having trouble trying to claim my content.

If I go to "Edit Profile", click "Authenticate", and sign in to SE, I get:

redirect_uri is not under the registered domain for this application

I get this error on both Chrome and Edge. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

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Should be fixed - I've changed the registered domain on Stack Apps to the current

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It's working now. Thanks for the fast response. :-) Evil Sparrow 4 months ago


[Note: I tried to post this as comment, but for some reason it didn't work]

I guess it's because the URL of QPixel has changed; probably the code interfacing to Stack Exchange somewhere contains a hard-coded URL that no longer fits.

Which makes me wonder: Could the application auto-determine its domain and generate the redirect_uri from that? I guess that would be more robust.

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The answer to auto-determining is no - the app could detect the domain and pass it to SE, but what determines whether it's valid or not is the domain that's registered on Stack Apps, which is currently I'll change it. ArtOfCode 4 months ago

@ArtOfCode: Thank you for the explanation. celtschk 4 months ago