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meta Bug - Imported images aren't scaled to fit the page


Take a look at my recently imported question:

The first answer contains a picture which is scaled on the SE site, but no scaling is applied to the post on this site. Thus, the image (probably a high-dpi one) ends up being twice the standard post width and stretches out the rest of the answer text.

I think there should be a maximum width for images, beyond which images are scaled down to prevent this overflow.

Also, not sure if it's related, but the Hot Questions box overlaps part of my question like so on Safari 13.0.4:

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Why should this post be closed?


Huh, never realized how used I was to intra-site link text automatically getting converted to hyperlinks until now. Troyen 4 months ago

The Hot Question thing is not related, it happens when looking at the post history of this post too. Troyen 4 months ago

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This issue has been fixed with the last deploy after I submitted a pull request.

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Yeah, looks better now. Thanks! Troyen 3 months ago