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meta Interface for showing changes in the history is not very discoverable


It took me quite a while to discover how to see what was changed in an edit.

Some visual clue on how to get it would be a good idea, I think.

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I agree. What about showing an arrow icon before the label and giving it a different cursor on hover (cursor: pointer)?

This could look something like this:

I used the unicode character "BLACK RIGHT-POINTING TRIANGLE" (▶, ▶) for this. It might be possible to add some JavaScript toggling it to a "BLACK DOWN-POINTING TRIANGLE" (▼, ▼) when expanded.

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So this is an artifact of me not testing across multiple browsers. In Chrome, the <summary> element (which the history type, username, and timestamp are contained in) automatically inserts an arrow for you, exactly as luap42 suggested. Looking now in Firefox, it doesn't.

I'll have a look at how possible it is to add an indicator just for Firefox (and any others that don't auto-insert one).

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That's strange. This code: <details><summary>y</summary>x</details> works perfectly fine in a blank page in Firefox. It seems to be caused by Bootstrap applying display: block; to the summary element. luap42 4 months ago

That's annoying, @luap42. Ah well, no matter - fixed now, I added some FF-specific CSS. ArtOfCode 4 months ago