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meta Changing avatar issue


When trying to use here the same avatar I used to have on SE, I got the following error message:

413 Request Entity Too Large

I can only assume that SE does an auto-resize, which we don't yet have here. Could we have that please?

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Could you post a screenshot of the error? This sounds to me like an error from the Cloudflare CDN that's in front of the site, in which case I can't change the limit but I could add some better information. ArtOfCode 3 months ago

@ArtOfCode insert image isn't available when editing the question for some reason. Galastel 3 months ago

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Screenshot of error.

Couldn't edit this into the question - "Insert image" not available when editing.

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Iiiiiiinteresting. I know where that's coming from, but I don't know why, yet. I didn't think I'd set up any restrictions on that. For now, you'll need to use a smaller file size - compress the image, or resize it down to smaller dimensions, either of which should make it small enough to be accepted - or you can wait until I've changed the settings so this is clearer. ArtOfCode 3 months ago


Calling this completed. I've raised the file size limit to 2MB, and I've added some information in the UI to inform you of that limit when you're uploading images.

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