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Reclaiming you content if you no longer have an SE account


It's not the end of the world if this is not possible, but I would like to reclaim my content. The problem is, I no longer have an SE account of any kind. I asked them to delete my main account because I felt I could no longer subscribe to the code of conduct.

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Hi Mark! I thought I've seen answers on SE for deleted users, as user123456 or something. If you can remember some Q or A of yours, maybe you can search for it and see if it is still shown. Then reclaim those posts as your own. Amadeus 7 months ago

Well, my stuff is listed as user16226 on SE, but it appears as "System" here. But I wouldn't know how to reclaim them even if I found them. Mark Baker 7 months ago

Hmm, that didn't work -- tried to move this to meta by editing the title, but no luck. Since there are no answers yet, how would you feel about reposting it there and deleting this version? (Go to the "meta" tab and click on "ask meta question".) Including your SE user number from your comment will help. Clearly we need to work out migration... Monica Cellio 7 months ago

Sure. Thought I was asking on meta though. Mark Baker 7 months ago

Sorry for the confusion. I think you got caught by the two different versions of the "ask" button. Hey, it's a work in progress... Monica Cellio 7 months ago

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Deleting your SE account removed all association with you from your posts. If you happen to remember what your user ID was on SE, it's just possible that the Data Explorer might have kept that ID associated with them, which would let me compile a list of posts that you wrote, but I don't know that for certain. If you don't remember the ID, I'm afraid you're out of luck - I have no way of identifying the posts you should have attached to your account here.


If my ID was user16226, then that's it. Otherwise, it is gone. Mark Baker 7 months ago

I believe we can validate Mark's user number from this post, which cites (and links to) a book that he wrote. Monica Cellio 7 months ago

Should be done, @MarkBaker - SEDE apparently keeps that "user16226" in the username field, which was enough. ArtOfCode 7 months ago

Seems to have worked, @ArtofCode. Thanks! Mark Baker 7 months ago

Perhaps we could add a mention of this to the "Claiming Your Stuff" section of the [Welcome post] ( Mark wasn't the only user who had his account deleted since September. Galastel 6 months ago

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