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This place is not exactly lively yet. That is not a surprise. But one quickly loses interest in visiting just to find nothing new day after day. Pretty soon you don't come back at all.

What would help would be a subscribe to new questions feature that would send an email when a new question is asked. That would bring people (i.e. me) back to the site when there is a new question, and might help stem loss of users through boredom.

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This is coming! It's not imminent because I want to design a system that'll work for multiple use cases, but it's in the works. ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 8 months ago

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This is [status-completed]!

I've added a few different types of email subscriptions:

  • Everything: get all the new questions. You'll get some duplicates, because this is just a reverse chronological feed.
  • "Interesting": questions with a score over a certain threshold (currently 1, but configurable and probably to be increased as good posts start to get voted up more), randomly ordered so you get something new each time.
  • Tag: reverse-chronology of a single tag.
  • User: reverse-chronology of a single user.

This also goes some way to addressing this other feature-request: that's still on my list because it should be UI functionality as well, but the Interesting emails serve a similar purpose.

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Cool. Subscribed. Thanks. ‭Mark Baker‭ 8 months ago


Emails are an item that's been on my backlog for some considerable time. There's some problem with the setup for sending emails on the server, which means that we've been unable to send any emails at all (including important things like password reset) for a while, let alone things like subscriptions.

Once I get emails working again (which at this point might involve asking on SO... aren't I just so looking forward to that), then I'll be able to look into subscriptions.

[2020-01-16]: Emails are fixed, and I'm working on these subscriptions. It's not going to be imminent, but they'll come.



Hi Mark; I had a similar observation; I proposed a new tab with some daily "random questions" from the archive, which we might be able to review and answer (or at least upvote Qs and As). We've got this ton of imported content that is basically useless, some of which could use better answers from wiser writers! Or at least intelligent weighting to help newbie writers distinguish good answers from bad answers.


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