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meta Notifications for actually *new* questions


I recently subscribed to notifications for new questions posted on the site, but as a result I'm being spammed with a daily list of questions that have any change, including very old questions with small new additions. It would really help if I could get notifications only for actually brand-new questions, as it would motivate me to engage in answering them (many of the questions I'm seeing now, I've already seen back on SE, months ago). Hopefully, such a change might, additionally, encourage the asking of new questions, at least in the long run. By the way, if this were fixed, it would also help to allow instant notifications rather than a mere daily summary--at least while the influx of brand new questions is rather slow.

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Part bug, part a problem of low volume. I'll take a look. ArtOfCode 2 months ago

@ArtOfCode awesome, thanks sesquipedalias 2 months ago

There we go, completed. ArtOfCode about 2 months ago

@ArtOfCode wow, thanks again... Now here's to new questions being asked... sesquipedalias about 2 months ago

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