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meta Writing Challenge: Treasure! - Feb 23 2020 - Mar 22 2020


Welcome to the latest Writing Challenge!

In line with the previous one, this includes a topic, a prompt, and also a challenge.

  • Topic

The topic of this challenge is finding treasure. This might be about a dragon's hoard, winning the lottery (or an award), recovering a prized possession, or following a pirate's treasure map.

  • Prompt

He/she inspected the wound on his/her arm, wincing.

You are free to modify this as long as the general sense is preserved.

  • Challenge

Use "bold", "swarming" and/or "puddles".

So to enter the challenge, you simply write something, and post it below. It can be a work in progress, and continue working on it while receiving feedback, or it can be a finished work - anything goes.
And of course, if you encounter any doubts related to the writing process, don't be shy and open a question on our main site!

You can submit your entries until the end of the four weeks. After four weeks, we'll choose the next prompt and put up a new post.
You can either post the whole thing here, or, if you usually post your writing somewhere else, you can put a link here - although I'd advise putting something in to get people interested.

Remember: this is not a contest. This is merely for fun, and for some practice writing. There will (hopefully) be writers of all different skill levels posting - I'm certainly not super good.

You're welcome to provide feedback, but please make sure that it's constructive. And remember: Be Nice.

Remember that the age limit for the site is 13 - so please avoid excessive graphic content or strong language.

I look forward to reading the submissions!

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