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meta Spammers have found this site!


I just noticed that when you go to the users page and select the age tab, the start of the list is dominated by user names that are obvious spam.

While they are not very effective because few people are likely to see them, I still think something should be done about them.

All of those seem to have an URL in their user name, so they should be easy to find automatically.

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If it's of any help: All accounts with an ID >= 8184, except on Writing for the IDs 8200, 8227 and 8240 and on Meta 8196, 8198, 8219 seem to be SPAM accounts (please double-check to prevent innocent accounts from being deleted, though) luap42 9 days ago

This is, unfortunately, an ever-growing problem. On a synagogue site I maintain where I used to get a handful of spam signups a month, I have started to get a dozen or more every day. In that case, I renamed the original signin script and added a message on the registration page to email webmaster to sign up. That isn't really an option here. manassehkatz 9 days ago

Best practices is a double opt-in like we have for the announcements list - request just sits in an unseen pending queue until user verifies by Replying to (or clicking a link inside) the confirmation email. No idea what would be involved to do that for QPixel. I have written such things before (the codidact list is a 3rd-party product, so I didn't actually have to write that one) - not terribly hard to do. manassehkatz 9 days ago

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