Unable to select tags beyond the mid C's


I was writing a question today *applause occurs immediately*. When I went to tag it, I was able to select the 'characters' tag just fine. But then I tried to add 'creative-writing', and found that the drop down only extended partway into the C's. Creative-writing wasn't listed. This wouldn't be such an issue if I could type in my own tags... but I can't. Meaning I can only choose tags from the incomplete list. If I try and type in my own tag, clicking on the space for tags just erases what I've typed.

I like that we're keeping the tags limited to the list. That's good. But we've got to have a complete list. :)

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That looks like an interesting bug. I guess the whole control should be rewritten, because it's also hard to style. Anyway, it's possible to add a new tag in the meantime, it's just not very intuitive. You need to scroll to the top of the list and there'll be the exact text you typed. When you click on that, it'll add a new tag to the input. Screenshot ‭luap42 is a ghost 👻 ‭ 7 months ago

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There's a limit (100, IIRC) on the number of tags that appear in the list to stop performance going down the drain. That means it only extends into the C's by default. However, if you start typing, the list should start showing you tags that match what you're typing. If you want to create your own new tag, you need only type it in and press Enter (or click on the option that is added for your new tag, as luap42 says).

I've had a brief test, and it looks like there's something up with search, so typing to look for tags you know exist may not be working right now; I'm looking into that I've fixed that, and it should work normally.


Maybe the list should be blank until you type the first character. That would suggest that the list is dynamic, and that you can type your own if you want to. If the list appears immediately, though, that looks like a set of preset choices. ‭Mark Baker‭ 7 months ago

Yep, looks like it's working now, thanks AoC! ‭Thomas Myron‭ 6 months ago

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