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Let's restart writing challenges!


The writing challenges we've done in the past were fun and helped us flex our muscles, especially if they nudged us into new types of writing. Let's bring those back!

I have created the Challenges category here. I've set the default license to CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which in plain English means it's like the regular license except it bars commercial use of your work by others. (You, of course, as the owner and copyright holder, can do whatever you want.) These are challenges, not polished drafts that people are posting for critique, so this shouldn't imperil your publication plans and is, anyway, better protection already than you had when we were doing these before.

If nobody else does then I'll post the first challenge in a few days, but I'd like to see what others come up with. If you have an idea, please go ahead and post it, or talk about it in an answer here if you're not sure. We've had challenges that specify an opening line (or line to include), a theme, specific words to use, tags...

For inspiration from another site, check out the photo contests on Outdoors.

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Mithical has posted the first challenge: the great outdoors! Please join us there.

I hope this'll be the first of many.

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