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What topics can be used when meeting my readers?


I understand that I need not to be anxiety about any meetup - just come there and the conversation will flow to itself. However, after two meetups with two of my readers, I realize that I was quite slow and passive. The reasons for this are probably:

  • I'm not an extrovert in general
  • My brain was working to implement what they said to what I needed to do
  • Because my blog was the reason they are interested in me, so naturally it would be one main topic. But talking too much about it seemed to be a "me-only" conversation. And being careful to find a balance would create some mild anxious

I did ask them generic questions like job, family, impression about my blog, but then after they answered me I seemed to not know what to talk next. They had to lead some questions to keep going on.

Should I really need not to worry about this? After all probably some passiveness can constitute a meaningful conversation? But when both sides are passive, it's not very good I think. I would like to have your advice on this.

My desire outcome: just a casual talk without awkwardness is fine. But maybe getting more insights to understand what my readers think about my blog is useful, especially about what they can help me and why they don't see why they should help me (in donation, volunteer, or promotion), without making them feeling that I'm interviewing them.

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  1. Have a clear list of things that you want to get out of the meeting. What do you want to know from them? Make a list of questions. If the conversation wanders to other topics organically, great. But you will always have this list to fall back on.
  2. You don't have to ask them too many questions about themselves; after all you know and they know that you're meeting with them to discuss your blog. So for the most part, stay focused on the topic.
  3. After you have gotten answers to your questions, then ask them what they would like to know. They will probably be more open to ask you questions now that the conversation has been flowing for a while.
  4. Relax. Sometimes by having specific expectations of how a conversation will go, it can create tension that is counter-productive. Use your favorite emotional health techniques before the meeting to help you relax and let go of these expectations.

Good luck!

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