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Initial revision by user avatar weakdna says reinstate monica · 2019-12-08T13:11:19Z (7 months ago)
I've never used any online service for reviewing, editing, and/or critique. **I always get it from peers and mentors.**

There are some advantages to having your writing reviewed online, like speed and convenience, but in the end, you don't _really_ know where it's going or who's _really_ reading it.

I would recommend finding people you trust--coworkers, friends, teachers, professors, family members--to look over it, and to tell them what you want them to look for ahead of time. Also, be sure to **ask for critique from people who would be qualified to give it to you.** For instance, asking an English major with a specialty in creative writing to review your technical essay on infectious diseases may not be the best choice.

Good luck!

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