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Initial revision by user avatar Alec McLeod · 2019-12-08T03:06:12Z (6 months ago)
My (A)ntagonist (or antagonizing force) in my novel causes a nuclear disaster in a remote nuclear facility. I've decided on certain circumstantial plot points, such as the post-disaster coping of the surrounding characters, but I've come to realize I don't know what motivation A had in causing the disaster in the first place. I need a bit of help developing this.

Some information about A:

- gaunt, silent, more alarming than frightening
- male, late 40's, pale, thin
- possibly under hire by some other force, though money does not seem to be a motivation

Potential elements:

- A needs the use of the nuclear facility for ------

My novel is more rooted in the general survival of the people involved, with some frightening quasi-otherwordly elements. Thus, I would prefer a motivation that remains plausible, but would be open to an interpretation which has some minor scifi or fantasy elements.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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